Dog Days of Summer Portrait Event to Benefit the Greenville Humane Society | J Catherine Photography | Greenville SC Pet and Children's Photographer

My favorite event of years past has been Santa Paws. I know my clients love it and this year they asked if I could do something during the summer months. I am not one for themed events, however, if it benefits the Greenville Humane Society then I am all in!
So, I sat out to find a fun, but simple background. With these charity events I don't do my normal backgrounds. I try to come up with something a little fun and funky. With the help of some amazing friends we painted a vinyl background and I borrowed a fun vintage sofa. 
It was a furry, slobbery and silly mess in the studio for two days... and that's just from the children ;)
It's called "Dog Days of Summer" but everyone is welcome. (The name is just because it benefits GHS) We even had adults and families that jumped in, too. 
Aside from a small session fee everyone is asked to bring in at minimum of three rolls of paper towels. Additional rolls can be donated in exchange for bonus images. I knew since a lot of people are traveling during the summer months we might not have as much participation as we do during "Santa Paws", but the people did not disappoint and I was able to donate over 350 rolls of paper towels, 96 cans of cat food, 45 rolls of toilet paper, 24 cans of dog food, 2 packs of treats and a partridge in a pear tree ;) 
As I pulled up to Greenville Humane Society, they said I could not have picked a better time to deliver as they had just opened their last roll of paper towels. 
Here's a fun glimpse of some of the clients from the two day event. 

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