Meet Hera the Foster | J Catherine Photography | Greenville SC Dog Photographer

We have a new foster in our home. This is Hera (the mythological Greek Queen of heaven and wife of Zeus). My husband has dubbed her Half Pint. :)

Hera came to the Greenville Humane Society after two girls followed Hera for almost 4 miles. She led them to her puppies under a house. The two asked if Hera belonged to the owner of the house and they said yes and knew of the puppies, but they didn't have any desire to keep her. The girls took Hera and her puppies to GHS. The puppies didn't even have their eyes open. Upon examining Hera they found out she has heart worms. However, they couldn't treat her since she was nursing the puppies. She spent several weeks in a dog run at the shelter with all her puppies. The workers said she was a wonderful mother and took care of her pups. Once they were able to ween the puppies away from her they started her on medication to treat her. After many weeks in the shelter she began to get stressed and depressed. This included stress chewing. 
One of the workers contacted me to see if I would be interested in fostering Hera while she finishes her treatment. After meeting her I couldn't say no. However, it did take 10 minutes for Maddox to warm up to her, but she didn't seem to mind him at all. 
She's only been with us a day, but she seems to be adjusting. She is at my feet at all times. She even sits at my feet while I work at the computer. 
See more of Hera on Instagram via #HeraTheFoster