Hollywood | J Catherine Photography | Greenville SC Dog Photographer

Everyone loves puppies, right? What's better than a rolly-polly, 4 month old bulldog? Hollywood came to the studio with his trainer, Ann from GreatPaws Dog Training. Ann and I have worked together a lot of the years; when she told me about her new client I couldn't wait to meet him. However, I session was delayed due to self-inflicted injury. Hollywood face-planted off of a stair. Yep, just one stair. He's a bit of a hazard to his own health. :) 
We gave it a little over a week's time to let his face heal. Ann said he didn't event act like it bothered him, but it just wouldn't make for a handsome portrait. Normally, when Ann brings a client to the studio I let her do her thing and I don't really mess with the dog. With Hollywood I had to love on him. He is just so cute and the noises he made were adorable... grunts like a pig.