Happy Birthday Maddox | J Catherine Photography | Greenville SC Dog Photographer

My boy turned FOUR this month! In Great Dane years that makes him an old man and he has the grey hair to prove it. 
Every year I get him a cake and I put his party hat on (I've had the same one since his first birthday). This year it was a yummy peanut butter cookie cake and he inhaled it. 

After cake it was portrait time. Let just say he is not the happiest for portraits, but he does as I ask and I think this year yielded some of my all time favorite images of him. 

Every time I meet someone new that is not familiar with Danes I get asked all the typical questions. Questions they every Great Dane is asked. 
The first question always being, "What is IT?" and then they comment "I have never seen one so skinny.". Maddox is not skinny; Maddox is lean and healthy. :) 
The next questions are "Does he live in the house and where does he sleep?" Yes, he lives in the house. Not too many Great Dane enjoying living outside full-time. They would much rather spend their days on the sofa in air condition. Lazy couch potatoes. Oh, and where does he sleep? Anywhere he wants and most of the time it is in bed with us. :) That didn't start until he was about a year old. At that point he slept at the foot of the bed. Now he sleep right in the middle. Oh and the most famous question…. "Where's the saddle?" I normally just reply with a smile. No comment needed.  

We finished the day of presents!!! That's the best part, right?

Yummy treats topped the list. Maddox thought the Kangaroo Ribs from Barkworthies were amazing. I found him outside of the kitchen one morning crying. He was looking at the treat bag. Pitiful. And yes, I did give him one. 
He also got a new collar. He has a TON of awesome collars, but I wanted something for hiking and the beach. I don't like most rubber collars.  The inside of most of them are also rubber and it just seems like it would pull fur and not move smoothly across their necks. Then I found Dublin Dog and their no-stink waterproof collar. I love that they are actually lined. It's prefect for playing outdoors and they are super durable. In addition to the collar I ordered the Rigel Multi-Purpose Light. I like having a light on Maddox while we are camping and when we are out at night. It's kind of hard to see a big black dog in the night. This year we even had an experience with bears during out last camping trip. We had a light that we had purchased from the pet store that clipped to his color. I loved it aside from the fact that the front of it would fall off and the battery would come out. Not reliable. With the Rigel it slides on to the collar and it is super bright.  It also have a few attachments so you can put it on your bike, a paddle or even attach it to a backpack. Side note - the company is based in Charlotte, NC. Shop Local!!
The last gift was a new leash from Kurgo (Click here for 20% off Kurgo). I got the Quantum Leash also for hiking and camping trips. The Quantum Leash is a 6-in-1 dog leash. I love it for being hands-free. I can hook it across my body messenger style. You can also use it as a 2 dog leash, a tether, a 6 foot lead or a 3 foot lead, and you can also wear it belt style. I've already used the leash while walking around downtown. It's great for moving in and around the crowded sidewalks.