Oakley and Scooter | J Catherine Photography | Greenville SC Dog Photographer

Oakley and Scooter… these two had me laughing the entire session. 


First, Oakley. His mom was really worried that he wouldn't do well. He doesn't do well with strangers.  He was a bit nervous when he came in. He actually hide under the table. I let him be and didn't force him out. With time he came out and we became friends. 

Both the boys had birthday's but only Oakley wanted cake. 

Now meet Scooter. Scooter is normally the more out-going of the pair, but we found out he is not a fan of hardwood floors. It made for an interesting session seeing how the entire studio is hardwood. :(

Together they were silly. Scooter liked to sit and stand over Oakley, but Oakley never seemed to mind. Scooter never spotted smiling while Oakley on the other hand keeps his bottom lip stuck out.