Sophie Bear and Levon | J Catherine Photography | Greenville SC Dog Photographer

I had so much fun with these two pups and I loved listening to their mom tell stories about them. Sophie Bear and Levon are her babies. 

dog photographer | J Catherine Photography | Greenville SC Pet Photographer

Sophie Bear is an 8 year old lab/chow mix. She was adopted in April '07 from the York County Animal Control in York, SC. She was about 9 months old. Sophie is also known as Princess Sophie. Her mom said she's a sassy, silly and sneaky little girl with expressive eyebrows that change to fit her mood. She's like a little human; she uses her paws to ahold on to things like hands, she talks back when her mom scolds her, and she will even pull her mom down to the floor if she doesn't talk to her fast enough when getting home. She's smart and very stubborn. She chooses when she wants to do somethings. Unless there is food involved. Then she will sit, stay, lay down, high five, and sneaky puppy (which is where she crawls). 

dog photographer | J Catherine Photography | Greenville SC Pet Photographer

Levon, a 3 year old lab mix, is very much a dog's dog. He is crazy about playing ball. He chases squirrels and birds. He's rough and touch, but at the same time he is scared of his own shadow. Levon was adopted from York County Animal Control as well when he was 8 weeks old in May 2012. Levon's mom was a fan of the band "The Band" and their lead singer and drummer's name was Levon. He had passed away right around the time she got her puppy. When he first came home he did not get a name right away. She was trying to find something that fit him so in the meantime she called him "Big Boy". After 3 or 4 days, she walking into the bedroom and said, "He shall be Levon" (sang like the Elton Jone song). Levon thinks he's a little boy and loves to crawl onto his mom's lab. He's a cuddlier and has to be touching his mom when he sleeps. 

dog photographer | J Catherine Photography | Greenville SC Pet Photographer

Both pup's love when mom cooks dinner. Levon will eat pretty much anything and loves carrots, celery, lettuce and pretty much anything healthy. Sophie on the other hand will only eat meat, cheese or bread. 
They also love going for walks in the park and riding in the car. Sophie has to been in the middle of everything. She even sun bathes on the top of the hill in their yard so she can she what's going on in the neighborhood. You can find her in the house by the front door as well so she can keep an eye on things. Levon is going to be in one of two places; by his mom's side or in her spot on the bed. 

They did show off their personalities in the studio. The showed their school spirit, rocked their birthday hats, and even wore a bow-tie and crown. 

The pups even got to enjoy a little Christmas early. 

Oh and I just have to share these last two. Mom brought new toys for each dog. Sophie was so excited about her's until Levon tried to come take it. He likes to open the toys and take out the stuffing and squeaker. Thankful Levon listened to mom and left Sophie alone. He was tired and feel asleep playing with his toy.