Warby Parker Home Try-on | J Catherine Photography |

I have been wearing glasses for a while and the last several pairs I have had have all been Burberry. However, going forward I will NEVER buy another pair from them. In one way or another they have fallen apart or broken way too quickly. I love the Burberry Brick Red color and that's why I stuck with them, but expensive + poor quality = need to find something new. 
I find it such a pain to try on new glasses. I feel like the people that work in the store just tell you what they think you want to hear. Plus, they don't know your personality. You need friends and family to be honest, but they don't have time to go to the store with you while it takes you five hours to pick out which pair you like the most (except my sis-in-law; she was sweet enough to go with me last time).
Enter Warby Parker and their at home try-on. Wait, FREE at home try-on with no strings. Seriously. I was pretty stoked about it myself. I got online and put my order in. I picked out five pairs and within a week they were at my front door. I was excited!

To be honest I liked each pair that I picked out. My family and friends gave me great feed back and I was ready to order my new glasses, but my prescription is out of date. :(
As much as I want to order them now it's going to have to wait until a visit to the eye doctor. 

Here's a look at my home try-on with the fabulous Warby Parker frames. The style is on the inside of each frame. 

At the end of five days I packed everything back up in the box they arrived in and sent them back. So sad. Feel free to share your thoughts on which pair I should order.

I forgot to mention Warby Parker's other website - Warby Barker! Yep, glasses for dogs. I knew there was another reason to love this company. 

Head on over to Warby Parker and get your home try-on today! It doesn't have to be just glasses; you can mix with sunglasses as well.

***Oh, remember that time you saw pictures of yourself and realized how bad your hair looks! Ugh, it's been over three months since I have had it cut and you can tell. I guess that's another appointment I will be setting up this month.