International Ballet Academy Ballerina Faith | J Catherine Photography | Greenville SC When I met Children's Dance Photography

When I met Faith in the studio all I knew about her was she was student at Greenville's International Ballet Academy. I found out later that I actually saw her in this past year's "The Nutcracker" at the Peace Center. She was Clara Stahlbaum, the young girl who dances with the toy nutcracker. 


One of Faith's dance instructors came with her and I am so happy she did! Juliana was such a wonderful help. I really don't think things would have turned out as well had she not been there. 

We did have a little extra fun. Maddox happened to be in the office with me on the day of Faith's session. He normally will stay in my office while I am in session. However, he just had to meet Faith and would sit outside the camera room watching. He would try to wander into the session like he was supposed to be there. Thank goodness for clients with a good sense of humor.