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I believe in printing those special memories. You know those, millions of photos you snap with your phone or point and shoot camera. You leave them on your memory card for months only then to load them on your computer never to been seen again except for the few that you posted to Facebook. 
Think back to those days when you were younger and your parents and grandparents had shoeboxes full of photos. I know that's one of my fondest memories and I want my niece (and possible future children ) to be able to do the same thing. Digital media is consistently changing. I own a new iMac and they don't even have CD drives. So what are you going to do with that drawer of CDs in 10-20 more years? I mean think back, we've seen 8-tracks, cassette tapes, VHS, floppy drives, zip drive and laser disc. These memories are too precious to just let them fade away with out-dated technologies. Those printed pictures will be around for decades to come. 
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