Maddox the Great Dane | J Catherine Photography | Dog Photographer, Greenville SC

You may have noticed, I talk about my dog, Maddox, a lot. 
I am a crazy dog lady. I mean seriously, how can you not love a dog? The words of Andy Rooney are so true; “The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”
Maddox came into our lives October 4, 2011. He was a sweet little 8 week old bobble head puppy that was scared of everything. Now he’s just a bigger version of that scared puppy. He does love making new friends, though.
My husband, Maddox and I love to take adventures. Some time this is just a simple walk through Downtown Greenville and Falls Park. He even goes to the gym with me and to the studio. His favorite place is the beach. He’s not so much a fan of the water, but LOVES the sand. He will sit on the beach with us all day, happily. 

Sorry for all the poor quality iPhone pictures. My Instagram is full of Maddox. He even has his own hashtag… #thedogMaddox