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It's only been a few days since I picked Nia up for her month long stay with us. It has been interesting having a puppy in the house again. Maddox will be 4 in August and he has been out of puppy stage for a while. Great Danes are "Seniors" at the young age of 5 due to their short life expectancy (average 7-10 yrs). He's quite an old man now, but he's doing well with her. 

The first night was entertaining. The Greenville Humane gave me a kennel for her. Maddox was crate trained (not a fun experience with him), but he no longer stays in one. His just takes up too much room in the house and at this age he doesn't bother anything. I had to take a shower and get a little work done so I put her in her kennel just to see how she does in it. Well, she cried. After about 15 minutes she settled down and took a nap. I got her out about an hour or so later so she could play a little longer before bed time. I knew I wanted to put her in there before we went to bed so she wouldn't be crying as we were trying to go to sleep. Sure enough about 15 minutes of the most pitiful sounds she was out cold. Four o'clock is when it got interesting. I heard her crying so I hopped up to take her outside. After a walk in the yard I bring her back in and kennel her up. I hear the crying for only 5 minutes this time. Well, then I hear her at the water bowl in the kitchen…. She got out of the kennel. I assumed I just didn't shut it well enough and she got out. So I put her back in, made sure it was shut properly and then back to bed; five minutes of crying followed by silence and then I heard her at the water again. Seriously?!? Nia's a smart girl and she knows hoe to open the kennel door. I used zip ties to keep the door secure for the rest of the night, but the next day I went and got latches!

Thursday night and Friday night she only cried for a short period at bed time, less than 10 minutes. Also she has picked up on the potty training really well. She has not had any accidents in her kennel the past two night. She wakes up around 4 am to go outside and then she's up around 7am. Nia has already learned "sit". She's such a smart girl and is going to make a great addition to someone's family. 

Sorry for all the cell phone images. Didn't get to get nice, pretty portraits of her yet.

Sorry for all the cell phone images. Didn't get to get nice, pretty portraits of her yet.

I got a bitter sweet call this afternoon. The Greenville Humane Society vet's were able to get a medicine that is a one-time dose for Demadex. This mean I am taking her back to the shelter today and then she will go on the adoption floor. 

I really hope she get's adopted ASAP. When you go to visit her she will do the puppy bites, but a firm "NO" and she stops. She likes to be your shadow and will follow you everywhere. This includes sitting on your feet while you try to cook dinner and jumping on top of the laundry pile while you are loading the washer. She's a great eater, but please don't over feed her. Right now she only needs 3/4 cup twice a day. She gobbles it up as soon as I put it down. I even use it as her "treats". She agrees with Maddox that the best treats are raw marrow bones from the butcher. I always get mine from Publix. They are cheaper than the pet store and that are really good for them. I always put mine in the freezer to keep them from making a mess. She also likes to snuggle on the sofa, but does enjoy spreading out on the floor with her head on the sofa. :)

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If you do adopt her, please let us know. We'd like to see pictures of her as she grows. We really loved our few days with her. 

Good Luck, Nia!!