The Collar Keepsake by Greenville Artist Kent Ambler | J Catherine Photography | Greenville SC Pet Photographer

I got a message a few weeks ago from the super talented Eli from The Needed Image. He asked if Maddox would mind being in a video he was filming for a new product. He couldn't really give me many details other than it was created by Greenville artist Kent Ambler and that it had to do with pet collars. I trust Eli so I said why not!
We met Eli and his wife, Julie, at Maddox's private dog park (yep, he has his very own special place for play dates). It was short and sweet; Maddox played, ran, got some love and water (he gets happy about bring water, weird)
A couple of weeks went by and then Eli sent this to me!

I absolutely love this idea. I still have Maddox's puppy collar in the bottom of a bag of other collars and I would love to hang it!

Image belongs to Kent Ambler and Collar Keepsake

Image belongs to Kent Ambler and Collar Keepsake

Love the idea? Want to know more or get one for yourself? Currently Collar Keepsake is on Kickstarter. Collar Keepsake much reach it's funding goal for them to be able to move forward with the process. It is fails to reach it's goal than nothing happens. I truly thin it will be a success and I have already "back" it by pledging for The Trifecta! The last day to back Collar Keepsake on Kickstarted is August 6, 2015. 

Oh and here's a short little clip of Maddox. Poor guy was starting to have an allergy breakout. You can tell around his eyes :(