Meet Nia, Our New Foster Pup | J Catherine Photography | Greenville SC Pet Photographer

I have been thinking about foster for a while, but I never committed. On Monday, I got an email from the director of the Greenville Humane Society saying they are in serious need of fosters. Most fosters are only with you for 10-14 days and I figured that wouldn't be a problem. I talked to Jeremy about it and he said he was good with it. 
Today I had to go to Greenville Humane to do a photography lesson and while I was there I chatted with the Foster Program Manager, Sara. I told her I was interested, but I just wasn't sure I wanted to bring a sick animal home. - Side note: if you do not have any animals and you are thinking about getting one then FOSTER. It's a short term commitment and you will know if adding an animal is right for you. She then told me she had a puppy with Demadex. Demadex Mange is not contagious to other animals or humans. The catch 22 with this pup is that she needed a foster for almost a full month. 
I finished what I had to do there and then left and told them I would think about it. I didn't get too far down the road when Jeremy called me. I was sitting in the parking lot for the dog groomer we use (Wag Dog Spa) and I told him about the month long foster. I always talk things through with him; big or small.  He's my sounding board. He didn't mind so I headed back to Greenville Humane. 
When Sara brought Nia, a LabX, out she was all over the place. Oh, great! A spunky puppy. They loaded me up with a kennel, food, medicine and put on her leash and collar. She road home in my lap. She's only lived in the shelter; I figured the car made her nervous so I let her stay. 
As soon as we got home Maddox was at the door to greet me. I think he was a little shocked to see the puppy. Nia wasn't sure about him for about 5 seconds and then she went running for him. 

Nia and Maddox meeting

Nia and Maddox meeting

I let the pups play for a while and get to know each other before giving Nia a bath. She was a bit grimy and I love any excuse to use the Chubbs Bars (future post coming about this awesome shampoo bar). Let's just say Nia is not a huge fan of bath time, but she did a great job. 

nia the foster pup
bath time nia the foster pup

As soon as she came out of the bath she was ready to play again. She found a bottle in the recycling bin. They were one of Maddox's favorite toys too when he was a little guy. 

nia the foster pup and a bottle

Here's a short little video of our Big and Little :)

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