In Loving Memory - Denali | J Catherine Photography | Dog Photographer, Greenville SC

I am going to apologize in advance for the tear you will shed watching this video. 

I have seen this video floating around the web for a couple of days, but I haven't had a moment to sit and watch it until today. At 1:30 the waterworks started and I had to stop the video to go hug Maddox. This is why I do what I do. Our pets are family and it's sad that we only have a few years with them. Although I have portraits of Maddox, I now what a video of him while he is young and active. I don't want to wait until his last days. I want to have the vivid memories of him running with the "zoomie face". 

Denali was Ben Moore's dog, but not just a dog-his friend and companion. The film is a collaboration between Ben, Skip Armstrong (cinematographer), and Ben Knight (director). 

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